Persiani - huile d'olive

Persians - olive oil

Located in Abruzzo in Atri, a small fortified town that gave its name to the Adriatic Sea, the 20-hectare Azienda Agricola Persiani with 4250 olive trees provides world-class high-quality olive oil.

We first encountered Persiani oil in a great restaurant, Bacucco d'Oro. Although he is in the biggest guides (Michelin, Gambero Rosso, Slow food) Francesco is a very simple person who works with local products as much as he can. To make us wait for our dishes, he served us bread and 5 different olive oils. This is where we fell in love with Persiani Oil and immediately made an appointment for a viewing...

The quality of the olives begins, as with wine, with respect for the land, with natural management of this exceptional terroir. Regular work on the land with the use of natural fertilizers, balanced annual pruning and the absence of any chemical treatment. The harvested olives are pressed during the day in order to preserve the aromas as much as possible, then the oil is left to settle naturally and stored in tanks under nitrogen, again to avoid any phenomenon of oxidation which could alter the properties and the flavor. of these exceptional oils. As with natural wine, a mix of tradition, respect for nature and technology to guarantee the most intact product possible.


Helvia and nitrogen tanks

Azienda Agricola Persiani offers Leccino, Dritta and blends monocultivar. Each of the bottles with its own character. One of the many awards that Persiani oil regularly receives is the gold medal at the Paris Agriculture Show, the highest rating of the Gambero Rosso guide.


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