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Life in red

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The ideal gift for the red lover, a selection of 3 bottles:

1 x Cazes - Cannon du Marechal, 1x Di Filippo - Sangiovese, 1x of Lunaria -Coste di Moro

Organic & biodynamic.       


Do you swear by red? Do you see red? Do you want to benefit from the virtues of red wine? You're doing well, here is a selection of ruby colored bottles.

1x Marshal's Cannon

"Le Canon du Maréchal" is the ideal accompaniment to your daily meals. This wine must be drunk young to benefit from the freshness of its aromas. Served at a temperature of 13 ° C, the very easy-drinking character of this wine allows it to be associated with the most diverse dishes. Organic and biodynamic.

1x Sangiovese

Looking for a simple wine? Forgotten the Chianti, the wine from neighboring Umbria with fine qualities. It goes well with dishes of red meat, cured ham, salami and slightly strong cheese. Ideal with a spaghetti bolognese!

1x Coste di Moro:   

One of the best Montepulciano d'Abruzzo you can find. Dark ruby red color. A nose of black liquorice,
of tobacco with notes of cocoa that complete its bouquet. The palate is rich, intense with well coated tannins. Certification for vegan.