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All Mix

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The ideal gift for those who love everything if you don't know each other's tastes, a selection of 6 bottles:

1x Torre dei Beati - Playful with flowers, 1x Di Filippo - Sallustio, 1x of Lunaria -Pettirosce-1x Castello Di Tassarolo - Spinola Gavi -1 x The wine people-Primitivo / Integro -1x Cazes- Le Canon du Maréchal Rosé 

Do you swear by red? Do you see red? Do you want to benefit from the virtues of red wine? You are doing well, here is a selection of ruby-colored bottles.

1x Marshal Rosé's Cannon 

🐸🐸🐸 Natural wine in biodynamics, low sulphite

A crispy rosé with the fruit aromas of the wood to drink in the two years after harvest at a temperature of 8 ° C for cold cuts, grilled, candied vegetables. Bio and biodynamics.

1x We will play with Pecorino Flowers 

🐸🐸 Organic wine close to biodynamics

Just its name is quite a program: we will play with the flowers! A very beautiful Pecorino, very floral 😊, a beautiful fruity attack, then in a good balance between acidity and minerality, a beautiful length which leaves a fresh mouth, an explosion for the taste buds in a very beautiful expression of this traditional Abruzzo grape variety, which had been neglected because of its lower yield than its cousin Trebbiano but which is coming back into fashion at full speed.

1x Sallustio - Montefalco Rosso DOC

🐸🐸🐸 Natural wine in biodynamics, low sulphite

A well-tempered wine, with character but without being sickening. 12 months of aging in large barrels give slightly tannic notes that fade over the years. The good length makes it the ideal companion for red meats, raw hams, salamis and characterful cheeses.

1x Robin

🐸🐸🐸 Natural wine in biodynamics, low sulphite

Both the color and the structure bring this rosé closer to a light red. Intense and brilliant cherry red color. Fresh flavor, rich in fruity and spicy notes typical of Montepulciano. Goes very well with white meats, pecorino and salamis. Also pleasant with fish dishes, paying attention to the serving temperature: 8-10°C.

1x Integro- Primitivo

A primitivo owl that drinks on its own 😚

1x Spinola Gavi bio

The Gavi, traditional, fresh, light, easy to drink. It is an elegant wine with an intense but refined nose with floral and fruity notes. The grapes come from hillsides around Lake Alborina.

It is an excellent aperitif that can also accompany rather light dishes so as not to upset the food-wine balance. 

Organic and biodynamic.