Brezza - Barolo

Brezza - Barolo

Azienda Agricola Brezza, owner of vineyards in Barolo since 1885, took its name from Giacomo Brezza who, together with his father Antonio, bottled his first wine around 1910!

We are therefore with a very young domain ...


Currently the farm is managed in organic farming certified by the fourth generation. We are convinced that today the best way to respect the spirit of tradition is not to close the door to innovation, especially if this allows us to better protect and enhance the typicity of Langa wines, the characteristics of the grapes and the different terroirs of origin.

The philosophy of the company is to produce single varietal wines taking the best care of the vineyard with appropriate pruning and careful thinning. We practice the use of green manures and composting which improve the vitality of the soil and use light machines which reduce compaction and fuel consumption. This meticulous care given to the vines, with proper pruning, has kept them in excellent health, so that some strains have reached the venerable age of 70 years.

With the manual harvest, carried out with extreme care, we try to harvest the grapes at the right degree of maturity. Indeed, there is all the harmony and balance of a great wine. In the cellar, we then try to accompany this quality up to the bottle. We work with light hands, temperature control and spontaneous fermentation. The aging of wines that need it is traditional, in large Slavonian oak barrels, with the staves folded over the fire but not roasted.


Wines that are aged in wood are neither filtered nor clarified. Ten years ago we decided to use an innovative glass stopper for closing a large quantity of our bottles, which in our opinion offers greater guarantees with regard to the typical characteristics of our bottles. wines.

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