Objective 3%

Objective 3%

How can you sleep peacefully when the world is full of injustice? What can we do to contribute to a better world? We asked ourselves this question many years ago and it was almost from our first salaries that it seemed important to us to do something. We measure how lucky we are to be born in the right place and not to have to endure all the suffering or deprivation that is the daily life of too many people.

So at the beginning of 2000, we only earned €1,000 a month, but we thought it was important to support one or the other association. And in the end it seemed possible to us to devote 3% of our income, because even when we feel like we don't have a lot here, in fact we already have a lot and this 3% means once again less cinema, one restaurant less, a little less vacation… but in the end we are lucky that it does not represent a difficult effort. If you're reading this page, you're also probably one of the privileged few, why not experience that 3%?

So why did you decide on this 3%?

Because it seemed possible to us and we can only remain speechless when we see that development aid from European countries represents 0.5% of GDP (Wikipedia 2020); European military spending represents about 2% (Wikipedia 2019).


Why a monthly expense

The first reason is that the associations supported need permanent basic funding in order to exist. It is good to react when there are disasters and to make donations at such times, but poverty is present all year round and the needs are enormous. Then, as it is every month, it is a small amount and it is not painful for the budget.

It is up to each person to see who should be helped. Over the years, with each increase in income, we have added a project. With each time a reflection on which project was important to us.


Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for Citizen Assistance. Idea coming from the Nobel Prize in Economics James Tobin, to tax very little on each financial transaction. Painless for the "good father" investor, the speculator doing a lot of buying/selling would have to review his copy because each movement of funds would be subject to a tax. While the markets have been agitated for many years by movements of speculation, perhaps this would be welcome? What about tax revenue? It should be injected for the help of the citizen and not serve the general finances of the state so that another world is possible...



Committee for the Cancellation of Third World Debt. These debts are illegitimate because most of the time contracted by dictators, put in power by Western states. In addition, they have already been repaid several times in the form of interest. The lenders have been repaid! No need to keep enriching them! These debts are the main tool that suffocates the Third World.



Doctors Without Borders

Because unfortunately, we still need this association somewhere in the world.

Plan international

Sadly, millions of girls today still face barriers that violate their rights and prevent them from reaching their full potential. This discrimination leads to serious injustices such as lack of education, forced marriages or early pregnancies. The girls are determined to fight against the discriminations and injustices that prevent them from choosing their future.

With your support, Plan International is advancing equality for girls and young women. Because when girls are allowed to develop their potential, poverty is reduced, the environment improves, children are healthier and stay in school longer.

Everybody wins. Changing the future goes through her.

The cool side? We regularly receive photos and news from our goddaughter, it allows us to realize what our donation is for...



Act so that each child can grow and develop in complete safety...



While the planet could feed the entire population, there is still in 2022 one person in 9 who is not so lucky. SOS Hunger is convinced that family farming can meet the major challenges of tomorrow: food, social and environmental!