About Us


Natural wines, Organic wines, Biodynamic wines and Wines without sulphite!


We created OVINO to share with you products that we have difficulty finding in our regions: natural wines, but also products of Italian gastronomy.

Our goals

Not a simple reseller ...

Our motivation in developing Ovino is not simply to distribute wines. Drinking natural wines is like discovering a new way of life. As we share a meal, we want to be able to share with you our passion for these fantastic products that are natural wines. Representing a marginal part of wine production, the wines we offer all have in common their own identity, with the main value: RESPECT. 

  • respect for nature, in all of its constituents: from soil bacteria to the plants and animals that use it
  • respect for the winegrowers who, by refusing to use chemicals in the vines and in the cellar, force themselves to work like crazy
  • respect for the human being who will savor a natural, artisanal product at a reasonable price,

Most of the time our wines are at the same price as at the producer! 

To find your way around our wines, follow the frogs:

🐸🐸🐸 Natural biodynamic wine, little or no sulphite

🐸🐸 Organic wine close to biodynamics

🐸 Organic wine

Want to know more about our producers: it's this way...

Where to meet us

Several ways to meet us

Or at our place in Erria (Lierneux), during a tasting evening, around a pleasant table.

Either at home, for a private tasting at your home.

Or again on one of the events in which we participate (see our Info-Events page). Interested in our products? In any case, contact us: info@ovino.be .

A little reflection on why buy from Ovino

Above all, for oneself. You don't build a house that you hope will last 100 years using the wrong materials. Our body is made up of the different nutrients that we ingest, to find out more: why organic?