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Aurora is the founder of TERROIR MARCHE, a consortium of vineyards that wants to promote and improve organic and biodynamic cultivation and the transformation of the vine. The Consortium also proposes the preservation of the territory as well as a sustainable and united economy. This project gave birth to a group of farmers - wine growers who have been working for years in the production of certified organic wines. Farmers who have an absolute link with their own territory of origin; a group of men and women who share an ethical breeding activity, which places man, land and work at the center: the Terroir.

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Brezza - Barolo

Azienda Agricola Brezza, owner of vineyards in Barolo since 1885, took its name from Giacomo Brezza who, together with his father Antonio, bottled his first wine around 1910! We are therefore with a very young domain ...   Currently the farm is managed in organic farming certified by the fourth generation. We are convinced that today the best way to respect the spirit of tradition is not to close the door to innovation, especially if this allows us to better protect and enhance the typicity of Langa wines, the characteristics of the grapes and the different terroirs of origin.The philosophy of the company is to produce single varietal wines taking the best care of the vineyard with appropriate pruning and...

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Castello di Tassarolo

Respect for life in all its forms, this is the very essence at the base of the philosophy of Castello di Tassarolo: respect for nature, the Earth, the environment of the people of the farm, plants, animals, insects and of course people who drink our wines. Respect only exists when you start listening, listening to nature. The biodynamic farmer who enriches the earth, restoring balances, recreating life. Biodynamic wine is the result of this respectful collaboration between man and land. What is most important for Castello di Tassarolo: to transmit the goodness of a land cultivated with love in the deepest respect for the consumer, and to transmit these values so that they develop.

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Di Fillipo

The philosophy of Vini di Filippo begins in the vineyard: convinced that high quality grapes can only be produced by working with care and having respect for the principles and rhythms of nature and the soil. Everything is connected, complex relationships exist between the different components of the ecosystem. If quality products are desired, a balance between soils, plants and productivity must be found.

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Torre dei Beati

We like to follow our path step by step without excess, with the commitment and the time that the vine requires. We like to imagine that this path has no end, just as the variability of the seasons and the imagination required to interpret them have no end. With the experience that we have formed over the years, we are always curious to confront old and new techniques, while remaining aware of our limits and our naivety. We are working to leave our children an intact and living land, where they can spend, if they wish, the time of the fullness of their strength. "

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