We recommend that you take your orders to Ovino near Lierneux in the Ardennes, or take them to Belval (Luxembourg) or Liège. Complementary activity, we have no fixed opening hours, although we are generally present on Saturdays from 2 to 6 p.m. For other times, an appointment is necessary, contact us to organize it, we will be happy to welcome you or fix a meeting point. In this way you guarantee that your bottles will not be heckled in transport.

Can't make it? We ship your wines to you in secure boxes, the shipping costs and transport boxes will be calculated automatically.

Belgian price: +/- 11 € for 6 bottles, +/- 14 € for 12 bottles.

Foreign price: +/- 17 € for 6 bottles, +/- 22 € for 12 bottles.

It is more advantageous to take 12 bottles because only the price of the shipping box changes. Please complete your orders in multiples of 6 to help secure the shipment.

Apart from wine, unfortunately other items cannot be shipped but must be collected in Erria (Lierneux).

Your packages are usually shipped within a week.