Castello di Tassarolo

Castello di Tassarolo

Located in Piedmont, north-west of Italy, 20 hectare estate in the heart of the Gavi region, biodynamic since 2006.

What about Henry and Massimiliana without violating the authenticity of their philosophy of life "respect for life"? There are encounters that transform you, our visits to Castello di Tassarolo are one of them. During these visits, time always flies too quickly. Passion for nature, biodiversity, horses, transmission to future generations, the use of energy, man and his interactions with the environment, his life choices ... we emerge from Castello de Tassarolo full of energy, full of questions about our daily choices and with the desire to change the world, maybe one bottle at a time ...


Respect for life  

Respect for life in all its forms, this is the very essence at the base of the philosophy of Castello di Tassarolo: respect for nature, the Earth, the environment of the people of the farm, plants, animals, insects and of course people who drink our wines.

Respect only exists when you start listening, listening to nature. The biodynamic farmer who enriches the earth, restoring balances, recreating life.

Biodynamic wine is the result of this respectful collaboration between man and land. What is most important for Castello di Tassarolo: to transmit the goodness of a land cultivated with love in the deepest respect for the consumer, and to transmit these values so that they develop.

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