Costa Degli Ulivi

Coast of Olive Trees

In the heart of Veneto, in the Valpolicella valley, a 6-hectare mini estate that has always worked organically but has only been certified since the 2016 vintage... although we regularly visit them due to their proximity to the family based in Verona, it is not until 2024 that we add them to the catalog. This allows time to ensure that the wines are consistent from one vintage to another and that the cuvées with the longest aging are indeed organic.

About ten years ago this estate threw a wrench in the pond by adding the DNA sequencing of its vines to the bottle labels. Wanting to prove that the wine in the Costa degli Ulivi bottles was indeed wine from their vineyard. Indeed, from a statistical point of view, it was not possible to produce as much in Valpolicella as the official statistics. An open secret, wine from southern Italy traveled by truck to be baptized Valpolicella once it arrived in the Verona region...

An estate which is keen to preserve the terroir and the traditional way of making Amarone, even if it means making a slightly dark wine, going against fashion trends.

The estate produces wine and olive oil and also offers accommodation in comfortable rooms with access to a swimming pool...

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