Staffelter Hof

Staffelter Hof

One of the oldest wine estates in the world, created in 862, more than 1160 years ago!

 Former property of the Abbey of Stavelot, the reform of the Napoleon code transferred the property to a family which has taken turns for 7 generations to provide very pleasant wines, as well as the welcome reserved for visitors.

Barely time to get out of the car that Gerd, the father, more or less retired, proudly announces to me that he has been enthroned knight of the order of the Blancs Moussîs…

His son Jan is now in charge, and even though the estate is very old, Jan is looking to the future and starting to plant new varieties to prepare for climate change.

The desire to be closer to nature means that the estate has several certifications: Organic, Ecovin, Slowfood,...

13 hectares cultivated organically, with the addition of biodynamic preparations to fortify the plants. The wines are made in the respect of tradition with spontaneous fermentations from the yeasts present on the grapes.

As always for our winemakers, very interesting people. Judge for yourself: Staffelter Hof provides a performance hall for cultural events, concerts, ... to bring culture to life in the region. In addition, Jan does not hesitate to share his knowledge, around the cellar, a few fermentation vats lying around for Belgians, New Zealanders, Finns, who have bought land in the region and to whom Jan has offered to lend a hand in learning about winemaking.

As soon as possible, notes of humor, because although we come from a very long tradition, we don't take ourselves too seriously...

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