Torre dei Beati

Torre dei Beati

Located in Abruzzo, this 21 hectare estate in Loreto Aprutino, is located between 250 and 300 meters above sea level, 25 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, on the first foothills of hills, of clay-limestone nature, which close the valley of the Tavo torrent, rising to 3000 meters of Gran Sasso d'Italia, the highest peak in the Apennines.

This particular position means that the vineyard is constantly bathed during the day by the temperate air coming from the sea, and at night, especially during the last month of ripening, by the cold coming down from the mountain, already white with snow. in September.

Convinced of the impossibility of separating the notion of a wine's quality from that of its authenticity, when it was taken over in 2000, the vineyard was immediately converted to the organic method.

To the old rural house in the center of the vineyard which was the initial headquarters of the production, was then added a cooperage for the maturation of the wines and finally a new production cellar.

The oldest vines date from 1972, with Montepulciano, cultivated in a pergola, to protect the grapes from the sun, but also require a great deal of manual work because it is impossible to mechanize this ...

The Montepulciano was later joined by new vineyards of Pecorino (2005, 2006 and 2007) and Trebbiano (2008).

Agronomic practices vary according to the type of plantation, the characteristics of the vine, and the single plot, always aiming to find a natural vegetative-productive balance in order to obtain limited quantities.

Harvesting is carried out exclusively in successive stages of progressive harvest, each time selecting from each plant only perfectly healthy and ripe clusters, and leaving the others to concentrate more until the next harvest. A colossal manual work but which allows to bring in perfectly ripe grapes in 3-4 harvests, in boxes of maximum twenty kilos to avoid damaging the grapes.

The harvested grapes are immediately brought to the cellar, on a new sorting table, in order to select only the best grapes. This attention to detail in the selection of grapes, you taste it in the glass: wines with developed aromas, resulting from controlled yield.

In the cellar, the most advanced technology is used in the service of a traditional vinification which respects the authenticity of the original grapes. The strict selections in the vineyard and in the cellar make it possible to vinify only perfectly healthy grapes and to obtain a quality wine with a minimum of preservatives, in accordance with the ethics of organic farming.

Here is what Torre dei Beati says about themselves:

"Although the winegrower is sometimes put forward for the evocative beauty of his work, we do not like to exhibit a work almost as old as the man.
We don't like to follow fashions or shout that we belong to one stream or another. Neither out of conviction, because we have difficulty adapting to the paradigms desired by others, nor out of opportunism, because it is far from being our nature.

We like to follow our path step by step without excess, with the commitment and the time that the vine requires. We like to imagine that this path has no end, just as the variability of the seasons and the imagination required to interpret them have no end.

With the experience that we have formed over the years, we are always curious to confront old and new techniques, while remaining aware of our limits and our naivety.

We are working to leave our children an intact and living land, where they can spend, if they wish, the time of the fullness of their strength. "

The only area in our range not to be biodynamic, but only having organic farming certification, Fausto nevertheless takes special care of its soil, in order to enrich it and obtain quality grapes, to which he applies a drastic selection. The cultivation is done with organic methods, certified according to European legislation.

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