Recette Foccacia

Foccacia recipe



700g flour (if possible type 00, grano tenero)

300g water

1 / 2package fresh yeast

1tsp salt

1CS sugar

4tbsp olive oil




coarse salt

2 tbsp olive oil + 2 tbsp water, all beaten with a fork


Add the fresh yeast, then the water, the flour, the salt, the sugar and finally the oil. Knead the dough. Leave to rise for about 2 hours. Then flatten to +/- 1cm thick. Arrange on a platter. Let rise a second time +/- 20 minutes. Make fingerprints and distribute the water-oil mixture using a brush. Add coarse salt and rosemary. Then bake at maximum temperature. Remove from the oven when golden brown.


To serve with: whatever you want as long as it comes from

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