Rigatoni sauce tomates (recette rapide) Ovino.be

Rigatoni with tomato sauce (quick recipe)

500g rigatoni Ciccone

1 clove of garlic

1 onion

1 tbsp olive oil

About 400g of tomato passata

A little basil

A dish that can be made quickly, unexpectedly, provided you have quality pasta and passata ... (ready in 20min)

Put the pasta water to boil. The old varieties of wheat make more starch so cook your pasta by being generous with water, min 5L of salted water for 500g. At the same time, in a wok or a large pan, brown a clove of garlic in olive oil, add the chopped onion, once the onion is blond, add the passata and cook over high heat. Add dried basil. If you have fresh basil, add it when serving.

Optional: if you have a piece of meat, add it to flavor the sauce (with the meatballs from the Biname Pource It's a delight) .

Have a drink of wine.

Once the salted water has boiled, cook the pasta, but stop cooking after a few minutes (5-6), while it is still hard and keep 2 ladles of the pasta cooking water.

Add the pasta to the tomato sauce and a ladle of the cooking water, continue to cook, stirring regularly, gradually add the second ladle of water and continue cooking until the pasta is "al dente".

You will get very tasty pasta with the tomato sauce which "sticks" to the pasta. The fact of having added the cooking water to the sauce and the pasta, indeed allows the pasta to "starch". They will only be better!

This way of finishing pasta cooking takes a bit of practice, you may not be completely satisfied with the result the first time around. For best results, take enough cooking water and gradually add it. Use only the amount you need to make al dente pasta.

Serve with Parmesan and a light red wine: Sangiovese or Montefalco from DiFilippo will be perfect with this dish.

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