Shipping policy

Can't make it? We ship your wines to you in secure boxes, the shipping costs and transport boxes will be calculated automatically. We have had in the past a lot of breakage with classic packages, which is why we now only use specially designed boxes for bottle shipping.

Belgian price: +/- 11 € for 6 bottles, +/- 14 € for 12 bottles.

Foreign price: +/- 17 € for 6 bottles, +/- 22 € for 12 bottles.

It is more advantageous to take 12 bottles because only the price of the shipping box changes. Please complete your orders in multiples of 6 to help secure the shipment.

Apart from wine, unfortunately other items cannot be shipped but must be collected in Erria (Lierneux).

Your packages are usually shipped within a week.

Alternative to shipping: collection on site in Lierneux, or Liège or Belvaux (Luxembourg) by appointment.

Delivery information must be correct and complete in order to allow proper delivery of the order. The data received on this point from the seller commit the buyer: in the event of an error in the delivery data by the buyer, the seller cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of delivery of the order. In case of return of the order, the buyer can either proceed to the reshipment of the order by participating in the return costs or he can also cancel his order and, in this case, be reimbursed for the order after deduction of the delivery costs. .

 The wines are delivered by wooden crate or by cardboard crate. These wines are delivered in cases of one, two, three, six or twelve bottles. Unless otherwise indicated, these wines travel at the buyer's expense. Orders may be subject to multiple deliveries.

 Deliveries which at the customer's request are made to unsupervised or unsecured places (garden, garages, etc.) as well as to neighbors or other acquaintances are made under the total responsibility of the buyer

 Any delivery to a country other than Belgium in the European Union is restricted to a maximum order volume. This restriction is ninety (90) liters or one hundred and twenty (120) bottles of seventy-five centilitres (75 cl) for still wines and sixty liters or eighty (80) bottles of seventy-five centilitres (75 cl). ) for sparkling wines. In the event that an order exceeds these quantitative limits, the buyer will be forced to refuse the order. Some products have a minimum or maximum number of units that must be ordered to be accepted.

 Delivery times are given for information only and in this sense any delays can never occur upon termination of the order or compensation, except in the written decision of the seller and written validation by the seller.

 Any circumstance such as strikes, natural disasters of any kind, flood, fire, frost, war, theft, riot, failure to observe delivery deadlines by our suppliers, damage to supplies and packaging caused by these suppliers or fortuitous events authorize the seller to terminate the agreement and releases the latter from any liability in the event of delay or non-performance of delivery of the order. No compensation or other damage and interest may be demanded in this case.

 The goods always travel at the sole risk and peril of the recipient even if the transport is carried out by the seller and his suppliers. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the content of the order by checking it upon receipt thereof, and, if applicable, to formulate his reservations on the order form provided by the carrier, immediately taking contacting the carrier's services and informing the seller by registered letter within twenty-one (21 days) after receipt of the order. The signing of the slip constitutes acceptance of the goods and their condition without further discussion.

Claims for incorrect or defective delivery of the order must be made to the seller's head office by registered letter within eight days of invoicing the order.

  In the case of visible damage (such as broken glass, missing products, etc.) the buyer must immediately express his refusal to deliver, otherwise a complaint of this kind will not be accepted. As such, the buyer is required to notify the seller by e-mail within seven days of receipt of the order.

 In the event of a defective order recognized and formally validated by the seller, repair of the damage will be strictly limited to the replacement of the rejected goods, as soon as possible and to the extent of available stocks.