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Staffelter Hof

Kröv Letterlay Riesling - BIO🐸🐸

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Semi-dry white wine.

An excellent compromise in sweetness and acidity, it does not tire the mouth and will also be appreciated in summer for its refreshing side. Compared to its little brother the Knackarsch, it offers more length and complexity.

On the palate, the sweetness is rather discreet and the balance juicy; white peach meets yellow and green apple, a few Mirabelle plums invite themselves. On the finish, a little grapefruit and nice mineral notes.

A good friend if you like Asian inspirations (but not too spicy!): Try pairing it with rice noodles with prawns and cilantro, a lightly fruity salad with tofu or fried chicken, or - more Mediterranean - to a full-bodied Roma salad with cheese and eggs.

Alcohol: 11.5%

Acidity: 8.2g/l

Residual sugar: 25.30g/l

Organic wine, produced in spontaneous fermentation from the yeasts present on the grapes.

Staffelter Hof is one of the oldest domains in the world: creation in 862, more than 1100 years ago! Estate which was the property of the Abbey of Stavelot until 1804 and the arrival of the Napoleon code. For 7 generations have taken turns to keep this area alive.