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Barolo Brezza - (organic wine) 🐸

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🐸 Organic wine

A prestigious appellation for an exceptional grape variety. An estate created in 1885 which respects tradition while accepting modernity by using glass stoppers.

This wine is like the estate, a real balancing act! A great wine, very balanced, both powerful and fruity, with aromas of ripe cherries, followed by complex notes of liquorice and leather. A nectar for special occasions!

Location: municipality of Barolo, Monforte d'Alba and Novello
Extension: 2.3 ha
Exposure: west, east
Altitude: 300 m.
Soils: clayey-loamy, sandy, loamy
Weaving: various
Vine: Nebbiolo
Subvariety: Lampia

Rhizome: K5BB, 420A
Form of agriculture: espalier
Pruning system: Traditional Guyot
Plantation of six: 1 m. x 2.7 m.
Density: 3,700 vines / ha
Production: around 7,000 kg / ha
Year of planting: 1991

Morphological characteristics of the soil
It comes from vineyards located in the municipalities of Barolo, Monforte d'Alba and Novello: it represents the south-western part of the production area. It was Barolo that was always produced until the early 1970s, when the vinification of each individual vineyard began to take hold. It expresses different pedological and microclimatic characteristics that go well in this wine. It is aged for two years in large barrels and one year in bottle.

Winemaking system
The vinification system is that reserved for large sub-zones belonging to the family with shorter macerations. According to Giovan Battista Croce (1606), the name Nebbiolo derives from the transposition of the adjective "noble"; this is why we like to refine our Barolo in large Slavonian oak barrels from 1500 to 3000 lt., (with the staves folded on the fire but not roasted) and never new (the first years are used for the Barbera).
We consider Nebbiolo to be a noble strain that develops its potency in an elegant way.

How to consume it
This Barolo is generally very expressive on the nose and of excellent elegance even in its youth. It will preferably be served with red meats.