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  • Giocheremo con i Fiori pecorino - Torre dei beati
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Torre dei Beati

Giocheremo con i Fiori pecorino - Torre dei beati (Organic Wine) 🐸🐸

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🐸🐸 Organic wine close to biodynamics

Its name alone is quite a program: we will play with the flowers! A very beautiful Pecorino, very floral 😊, a beautiful fruity attack, then in good balance between acidity and minerality, a good length which leaves a fresh mouth, an explosion for the taste buds in a very beautiful expression of this traditional grape variety of Abruzzo, which had been neglected because of its lower output than its cousin Trebbiano but which is back in fashion at full speed.

If you follow us regularly, you will know that we are fans of small yields which are often synonymous with good quality. Torre dei Beati takes care of its vines all year round, but it is during the harvest that questions are asked about the mental health of the winegrower: extreme care in the selection of the grapes. Indeed, three successive manual harvests, which take only perfectly ripe grapes, in small crates so that the grapes do not spoil, all followed by a scrupulous inspection on the sorting table, ensure that only grapes of high quality will be admitted to produce this beautiful bottle.

100% stainless steel aging at controlled temperature, and as Fausto says, here rather than adding chemicals, we prefer to wait longer for the wine to round off.

This wine is organic and not biodynamic, Fausto however takes special care of his vines and the various organic amendments that he adds to ensure beautiful vines and then beautiful grapes. He controls yields to ensure quality rather than quantity.

With regard to sulphites,: 80 mg / l are added.