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Castello di Tassarolo

Titouan Gavi DOCG without added sulphites, organic white wine (Castello di Tassarolo-Biodynamie) 🐸🐸🐸

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🐸🐸🐸 Natural biodynamic wine, no sulphite

Extraordinary harmony and perfect balance, fruit of unequaled quality which comes from a vineyard selected by Henry to work only with his work horse "Titouan". A well structured and round wine. It is an ideal aperitif and a versatile wine. Perfect with the most refined and important dishes of international cuisine. 

Organic, biodynamic & sulfite free.


Titouan Gavi no sulphites bio

Titouan Gavi DOCG, Organic white wineTitouan Gavi DOCG
no added sulphites, organic white wine

Produced and bottled by Castello di Tassarolo dei Marchesi Spinola Vineyard-estate, Tassarolo (Italy)


Production area:

selected hillsides in the Municipality of Tassarolo, located in the production region of Gavi DOCG, Piemont.



marly, silty clay, with a good proportion of organic matter due to the use of "green manures", biodynamic preparations and biodynamic compost.


300 meters above sea level.


Grape varieties:
Cortese de Gavi (100%).


Production techniques and vinification


Of this Gavi, we cannot speak of the production technique, because this wine is created outdoors, in full sun in its natural habitat and not in the cellar. What sculpts this wine are the biodynamic grapes from a particular vineyard worked only by Henry and his horse "Titouan". After a year marked by work, the silence broken only by the directives given to the horse in interaction with nature. In this vineyard, the soil is soft and rich in humus. The vines develop there the most robust and healthy grapes, full of vitality, rich in beneficial minerals which give a very particular taste and aroma. In the cellar, the must is developed with the greatest care and respect, partly in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats and partly in wood. To preserve its authenticity no sulfur dioxide is added in any form.



Titouan Gavi DOCG, Organic white wine


Straw yellow of medium intensity with light touches of gold.


intense, yet elegant and characteristic. With floral aromas that satisfy the senses.


fragrant, enveloping, almost warm in the mouth thanks to its delicate and balanced acidity.


indigenous, from our own grape varieties.


13% by Vol.


Total acidity:
about 5.15 g / l


15,000 bottles.


Organic certified by Bios.


A versatile wine with sufficient character to accompany most dishes of international cuisine. To be served at a temperature of 7-8C.