In the heart of Abruzzo, a territory both soft and strong, which inspires intuition and passion. In the background, the sea and the Maiella National Park where dreams are born that turn into ambitious projects. Lunaria, these are the biodynamic wines of the Cantina d'Orsogna; a cooperative which has decided to join forces with the rigorous Demeter label to produce natural wines.

Love and respect for an authentic land, the desire to leave the spicy charm intact while making the most of its potential. Lunaria, a harmonious blend of excellence and strong personality. Montepulciano, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Sangiovese, Malvasia are not just names but characters, each one original in its most secret and unexpected nuances.

Not just organic, but biodynamic.

Sustainability as a source of inspiration and a way of working.
Lunaria chooses to apply biodynamic agriculture. A desire for continuous research into innovative processes and techniques with absolute respect not only for the territory and its laws, but also for the farmer as the guardian of his secrets. Biodynamics is governed by rigorous standards that define quality standards for the consumer. This results in a double control of the production of organic organisms and of Demeter Italia, a private association of producers, processors and distributors that examines and evaluates from a technical and scientific point of view the application of the biodynamic method in the entire national territory.

Bring concrete actions for people and the territory.

The Lunaria company offers, for all its wines, the closure of the corks according to the ancient tradition of stringing.
In order to create a shared value both for itself and for the company in which it operates, this work is entrusted to the BABALU "Il Sole" Social Cooperative Farm of Sant'Eusanio del Sangro.