Sulphite free

Each of our winegrowers is concerned with providing the most natural wines possible. This is why the quantities of sulphites present in our wines are among the lowest. This is what contributes to the pleasure you feel when tasting them. The cuvées in this section go even further, no sulphites are added at any stage in the production of the wines (sulphites of natural origin may be present in very limited quantities).

In traditional wines, sulphites are added during winemaking to get rid of the yeasts and bacteria naturally present in the grapes. Sulphites are also used as bottling preservatives. Some radicalist winegrowers are able to produce wines without sulphites. How is it possible? By taking great care of the vines and grapes, closely monitoring the fermentation processes and being ready to chill the wine should an unwanted fermentation start. 

It therefore requires more work and more stress during the production of wines (risk taking) but it allows to obtain a much greater diversity of wines. The care taken in the soil, in the vines, in the grapes and then in the vinification process makes it possible to obtain naturally balanced wines that do not require any preservative.

Some bottles can be kept for a minimum of 15 years, proof if it were necessary that the chemistry of sulphite is not compulsory ... Let yourself be tempted, each bottle is an exceptional product!